What we are doing to protect our patients, staff and community during Covid-19.

  1. While we always strive to maintain a clean facility, we are exercising additional due diligence to ensure a clean and sanitary facility during this time by sanitizing common surfaces after each use and cleaning the restroom frequently throughout the day.
  2. We have limited our potential exposure by ONLY allowing patients who are receiving treatment that day in the office. We respectfully request that persons not receiving treatment do not enter the office.
  3. When a patient arrives at the office he/she is asked to please remain in their vehicle and call the office. The patient will be advised when they can enter.
  4. When a patient enters the office their temperature may be taken orally or with a temporal thermometer. Any temperature above 99.0F, the patient will be asked to sit outside for 5 minutes and the temperature will be retaken. If the temperature remains above 99.0F, the patient will be rescheduled.
  5. To maintain social distancing, we are limiting the number of patients in the office to 2-3 at a time. Patients will ALWAYS be in separate rooms when in the office.
  6. All staff members are required to wear face masks when within 6ft of a patient as per CDC guidelines.
  7. Staff members who are presenting signs of illness will remain home.
  8. We will continue to service our community with the highest quality chiropractic care we can as long as government compliance allows us to do so.